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On Gardening: Don’t put off winter tree pruning

Today, we are about one-third of the way through winter, and well into the dormant period, which is the right time for winter pruning of trees.

Gardeners need always to be conscious of the change of seasons because it affects the growth cycles of our plants. Let’s review.

Winter begins on the shortest day of the year, called the winter solstice. In 2014, that day was Dec. 21.

The days gradually grow longer until day and night lengths are equal, marking the first day of spring. That phenomenon, called the vernal equinox, will occur in about 90 days, on March 15.

The cycle then continues for 90 more days. The days grow longer and the nights grow shorter until we have the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, which marks the beginning of summer.

Ninety days later, the day and night lengths again become equal and we will have the autumnal equinox, marking the first day of fall.