Insect and Disease Prevention

City Arborist Tree Care’s tree management philosophy is based on prevention first and treatment when needed followed by regular maintenance. Organic products are used when available and other products when necessary. Our first concern is preventing problems with your trees then restoring them to their optimum health and vigor, and maintaining that health and vigor through a program of scheduled applications of fertilizer, water, and general care.

When insects and diseases are already present, City Arborist Tree Care applies organic and environmentally approved products to resolve the problem.

When disease and insects are eliminated, City Arborist Tree Care applies customized fertilizers, monitors watering, and inspects your trees with periodic visits.
With scheduled maintenance in place, City Arborist Tree Care can reduce stress to your trees and help prevent further reoccurrence of problems, restoring your trees and shrubs to their maximum health and real value.

Please call or email City Arborist Tree Care to discuss your tree’s disease and pest control needs.