Mycorrhizae is a naturally occurring fungi that has a symbiotic relationship with trees and other plant life. The name means “fungus root.” It colonizes the roots of plants and extends itself into the soil so the plant can absorb additional nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. In return, the plant releases sugars to the fungi that are produced by photosynthesis.

Through this process plants are more able to survive extremes in temperature, poor soil, soil compaction, neglect, and various other problems.

Mature trees benefit from applications of the fungi if they are living in poor or compacted soil and do not have adequate resident populations of Mycorrhizal.

Mycorrhizal fungi is applied by injections into the roots or mixed into a vertical mulch. Inoculating plants is very cost-effective, especially when one considers the cost of transplanting and/or losing specimen trees. To encourage the colonization of Mycorrhizal fungi in trees City Arborist Tree Care will:

  • Monitors adequate water requirements
  • Monitors soil compaction
  • Maintains proper cultural conditions

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