Sudden Oak Death Information

Over the past several years, Sudden Oak Death (SOD), caused by a highly contagious fungus called Phytophthora ramorum, has killed tens of thousands of oaks (Quercus) and tanoaks (Lithocarpus densiflorus) along the fog belt of the northern coast of California and some of the inland counties as well – some ten counties altogether.

There is a list of almost thirty different species besides oaks which are now showing signs of being infected with this fungus.

The pathogen appears to kill the bark around the trees, cutting off its flow of nutrients. Symptoms include bleeding cankers on trunks, leaf spots and browning, and twig dieback. Bark beetles may be associated with later stages of tree decline.

City Arborist Tree Care has a Oak Tree Care Program. This program treats all species of Oak including; Valley, Live, Blue, Black, Red, and Pin Oak.
The program includes quarterly visits with seasonal applications:
Winter – Horticultural oil application to control over wintering chewing and sucking insects.
Spring – Tussock Catipillars & Oak Moth control & SOD (Powdery Mildew & Sudden Oak Death)
Fall – Application of Oak fertilization and Mycorrhizae and Sudden Oak Death (SOD) control

Recommendations to improve cultural conditions such as irrigation, mulch and excessive soil around tree trunks will be made as necessary.

Please call or email City Arborist Tree Care to discuss your tree’s disease and pest control needs.