Long Term Tree Health Care

City Arborist Tree Care has designed “Long Term Tree Health Care” program to improve the health and structure of trees, shrubs and other woody plants on your property.
This proactive approach to plant health care is based on early detection of problems and use of integrated treatments to provide long-term cost effective and environmentally safe solutions.

You can select from a menu of pre-designed tree health care packages or choose individual treatments depending landscape specification or property unique environment.

City Arborist Tree Care’s tree health care includes landscape inspection by our certified arborist on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis to diagnose and solve problems.

We have specific tree health care program for Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Redwood, Fruit Trees, and Roses.

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Please ask for the details of our long term tree care package which provide tree care services to your trees every year for fixed price.

This specific cost effective package includes, landscape inspection, diagnosis, treatment, pruning, trimming, removal.

Please call or email City Arborist Tree Care to discuss your pruning needs.