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At City Arborist tree care we not only care for nature but we also ensure we do it in the greenest way possible. Only way to do is to give back to our bay area community by offering free mulch and free firewood locally.

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Our experienced and professional staff will identify potential problems and take corrective actions before they become hazardous.

Why not put all of our know-how and Bay Area arbor tree service and experience to work for you and your trees? After all, you have plenty to do for your landscape as it is – including taking the time to enjoy it!



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At City Arborist Tree Care we are capable of providing a variety of tree service plans to address any kind of tree care needs. 

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Discover the satisfaction of our clients! Hear from our happy customers and experience the excellence of City Arborist Tree Services.
David A.
David A.
This crew removed ten trees for me as well as grinding the stumps. Very efficient and hard working group. They also trimmed three fairly overgrown trees to a manageable and nice shape. I was pleased with the outcome.
M K.
M K.
Phew! So glad I called City Arborist! I hired 2 guys and a chainsaw because I thought I was being budget friendly. I thought wrong. I darn near killed the tree. I then had to call City Arborist and explain my mistake…. They didn’t laugh at me, they didn’t chide me for being dumb… instead they said “No problem, we’ll be right out.” There’s been wind and storms and they are super busy but made time for me anyway. A skilled arborist arrived at my house, climbed the tree like a monkey in a few seconds and jumped down with a verdict. The tree can be saved! I had some other questions and he answered all my questions. He didn’t hand me a bill either! He said to call if I have concerns. I don’t because I’m just going to call them from now on. I no longer have to care about trees because they will do it. They returned and took care of my whole yard. Their men are kind, well-mannered, skilled and cleaned up after. It looks beautiful! I hadn’t realized the difference between an arborist cut and a landscaper cut… I get it now. Lovely work! I won’t call 2 guys and chainsaw again. Thank you CA – nice job!
Paul D.
Paul D.
A tree went down during a storm and landed partially on our house. I couldn’t reach the tree service I normally used so I called City Arborist out of the blue. They were already working on two emergency trees that fell, but Efrain showed up an hour later to look at our emergency. My arborist called me back soon after so I wasn’t able to use City Arborist, but Efrain was prompt, thoughtful in his assessment of our problem when his hands were already full of work. Good indicator.
Chris S.
Chris S.
This guy looked like he was just what we wanted. Left a message with his answering service and was promised a call back by 5pm same day. He never responded at all.
J J.
J J.
Henry and the Crew he had do our massive tree limb removal were competitively priced and also very careful with cutting down a major tree limb of a huge cedar tree. They were immaculate in the clean up afterwards as well and very respfult with our property and our neighbors. I will definitely use their services again.
Frances L.
Frances L.
City Arborist did an excellent job on my two big olive trees. The trees were overgrown. They cut back on the height and removed many branches to open up the trees so the beauty of the trunk and main branches can be seen. The crew were well trained and professional. Will definitely use them again.
Jonah P.
Jonah P.
Henry is passionate about trees. He can answer any questions and help to suggest designs. Want privacy screening to block a view? Care about tree health? Want to keep branches from dropping on your roof? Henry can advise on what’s needed. His crew of 3 is great. They pruned and thinned four beautiful old trees on my property in about 1 day of work using only hand saws and pruners. I barely knew that they were there. They shredded the branches and left me a nice pile of clean mulch. The total cost was very fair.
Rick B.
Rick B.
Great job on our trees both front and backyard. We are very satisfied Fertilizer application and tree trimming. Very thoughtful approach to the tree trimming. Much more sunlight comes into our yard which will benefit our landscape and fruit trees Punctual, courteous, and good communication as the job progressed. Always cleaned up after the day’s work completed. Highly recommend
Kristin S.
Kristin S.
Henry is very knowledgeable about trees, and cares about their health. He considers the whole tree, pruning needs, feeding needs, any disease that may be present, and he does an excellent job of keeping trees healthy. We have two large, old oak trees he has cared for over the last many years, they are thriving under his care. His price is very fair too. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with these not-replaceable gems.
B G.
B G.
We would definitely use this service again and recommend to family. City Arborist was efficient, careful, friendly and reliable. We especially appreciated how well the team communicated with us. It was a big job removing overhanging and dangerous limbs as well as removing, topping and pruning about a dozen oak trees.

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